The Coeur d’Alene area boasts a number of amazing lakes for boating and now you can enjoy the water on a one-of-a-kind rental. We at Lake Escapes Boat Rentals strive to offer some of the best boat rentals in the business and for 2021 we’ve added a boat you won’t find anywhere else for rent in the Inland Northwest, and quite possibly in the United States-The Super Air Nautique G25.

Meet the Super Air Nautique G25

This boat is, as the Nautique site claims, “The big brother to the award winning G23.” Designed for luxury, control, and precision performance, you can experience touchscreen control of the craft, surf a finely tuned wave, and hang out with 19 of your friends while enjoying your favorite playlist on a theater like JBL audio. 

Features on the Nautique G25

There are so many features on this boat that it’d take a much longer post to highlight them all, so we’ll talk about some of our favorites and encourage you to hop over to the G25’s dedicated page on  Lake Escapes or Nautique’s websites for more details. 

The Perfect Boat for Wake Surfing

The hull design on the G25 aids in the creation of every wave. Along its 25ft length are paragon hull features that, as the water hits the boat, help to make large, beautiful waves with minimal bow rise. If that’s not enough, there’s the NSS – the Nautique Surf System – that’s fully worked into the hull design and controlled by touchscreen, so you can make waves bigger or smaller on the fly.

Safety features

Remember that minimal bow rise we were talking about? This not only keeps the boat more level and helps with control, but also helps the driver keep a clear view all around. If that’s not enough, there’s a Nautique awareness cam, which is a wide-angle camera built high on the boat to give clear view of the boat’s surroundings. 

Last but definitely not least, the G25’s luxury

Lots and lots of features combine to make this boat a true pleasure to hang out on! These include built in coolers, adjustable front and back facing seating, lounger style seating in the bow, custom designed captain’s seat to allow better movement, numerous cup holders and phone charging options, and more. 

Check out the boat on Lake Escapes Boat Rentals or Nautique for more.

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