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Delivery Technician Position

  • Duties

    • In summary, this position will deliver and pickup boats at various lakes in the Eastern WA and Northern ID region with a primary focus around Lake Coeur d’Alene / Hayden lake. Technician will be given instruction by our Operations Manager on location and nature of deliveries typically days in advance. Most time will be spent in CDA at our main lot, but some Suncrest to CDA transport will be required.
    • Technician will meet with clients at boat launch and do a basic condition, inventory, and safety check prior to releasing boat to renter. At end of rental Technician will verify boat condition, and inventory and report any irregularities to Operations Manager. They will then return boat to our lot and do a basic cleaning / restocking of boat so that it’s ready for the next rental.
    • Schedule will typically range from either an 8am to 1pm, or 4pm to 8pm block, 3 to 4 days a week. (Delivery / Pickup window.) Though there will be occasions for longer trips to areas like Priest Lake, Lake Roosevelt, etc.. Peak days tend to be Thursday – Sunday. (There is quite a bit of variety in the schedule.)
    • There will be an expected “on call” element to position from June through August. We are a very weather dependent business, as such we can become extremely busy last minute on hot days. Much of our schedule will be planned in advance, but there will need to be willingness to be flexible to jump in and help as the need arises. We have a pool of drivers so there is flexibility around days off / vacations.
  •  Requirements

    • Must have experience towing, launching, and operating boats.
    • Must be willing to learn basic operation of different styles of boats.
    • Must have reliable transportation to get to / from CDA and Nine Mile Falls. (Depending on position.) Truck for actual delivery provided, or can be reimbursed mileage for personal vehicle use.
    • Must have familiarity with Excel as well as have access to Google Docs on cell.
    • Must have reliable cell phone / data access
    • Be able to spend long amounts of time driving in a vehicle.
    • Be able to be punctual and have excellent communication skills.
    • Mechanical ability to troubleshoot basic issues a huge plus.
  • Compensation

    • Wage will be based off experience but will start at $15 / hr. Extensive familiarity in hauling, boat operation, and willingness to step in where needed could range upwards of $20 / hr + starting wage. To be evaluated every two weeks during the season.

How to Apply?

Please send a resume and a written introduction on why you’d be a good fit for the position to:

Please also include a rough summary of available work schedule.

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