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New to Surfing / Wake Boarding? Here are Tips for picking the right boat!

Not all surf boats are equal, and it can get confusing understanding the options out there. So we’ve made a quick list to hit the highlights of the features you will want to look for when renting a surf or wake board boat. (These features come standard on ALL of our Surf Boats.)

What is Ballast?

To get a big wave you need the boat to displace A LOT of water. The more ballast the better! Don’t settle for less then 2,000lbs. Ideally you also want the ability to easily fill the front, and each side rear tank individually to better adjust for varying sized groups.

What is Perfect Pass / Cruise Control?

Surfing and Wake Boarding are extremely speed sensitive sports, where even .01 MPH difference in speed can be all it takes to turn a frothy white water mess, into a sharp clean, curving wave. This makes automatic speed control a MUST. This us usually referred to as “Perfect Pass” in most makes and models.

Surf Tabs - Plates - Gates oh my!

To get a nice clean, smooth wave that has a lot of push, you need more than just filling the boat full of ballast. You need to be able to shape the water. This is done by introducing individually controlled hydraulic plates/tabs/gates (varies by manufacturer) into the flow of the water behind the boat. This gives the driver exceptionally fine control over the wave shape while in motion, as well as easily switch what side the wave is on. (Saves setup time when swapping between normal/goofy foot riders, and allows for wave transfer tricks.)

Wake Plate?

This is very similar to a surf tabs, but where they more specifically form the wave by tweaking the side to side roll of the boat, a wake plate adjusts the pitch of the boat (bow to stern height). For surfing, this gives the driver control over how steep the wave is. By lowering and raising the plate, you can make it either steep and rampy with more push, or make is less steep, but longer giving you more space to do tricks in. Wake plates also aids the boat in getting on plane quicker (saves fuel), as well as ride smoother over choppy water.

Lake Escape Boat Rentals is here to provide you with the perfect Wake Surfing or Wakeboarding experience. We offer the highest quality Surf Boat rentals in the Couer d’Alene, Hayden, Spokane, and Priest Lake regions. Check out one of our brand new 2018 Moomba MAX’s with 3,000lbs of ballast and AutoWake 2.0! Or maybe our CRAZ or MONDO could fit your needs? These boats provide the power, reliability, and features for whatever water activities you desire. Being avid surfers ourselves, we make sure all of our Surf Boats are FULLY equipped with plenty of ballast, surf tabs, wake plate, cruise control, and quality surf boards. Seating ranges from 13 to 17 passengers depending on your needs.

With your rental we also include high quality Obrien tubes, skis, vests, wake boards, and surf boards at no extra cost! You can pick any lake in a 100+ mile radius of Spokane/ Couer d’Alene, so be sure to check out your options.

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