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Pontoons are just fun, that’s a fact. They have plenty of room for larger groups to spread out, they handle rough water extremely well, and they are very quiet and fuel efficient when slow cruising at “martini speed” as we like to call it. Our pontoons have the added benefit of lifting strakes and bigger motors so you can tube and water ski behind them, as well as upgraded LED lighting packages, and premium stereos depending on the model.

Between our classy Bennington ‘Sport Arch’ rental with its unique rear sun deck and sporty look, or our 26 foot PREMIUM Aloha double decker’s with water slides, LEDs everywhere and 14 speakers, (yes you heard that right, 14 speakers!) there’s something for every occasion. These pontoons not only offer speed and comfort, but enough performance to do ALL of your favorite water sports as well! You won’t find nicer rental pontoons in the Coeur d’Alene, Hayden, or Spokane area! Click on one of the pictures below to find more specific specs for each pontoon.

Don’t forget, we also include quality life jackets, Obrien tubes, wakeboards, surf boards, skis (pontoons only) with every boat rental FREE of charge! We’ll deliver to any lake in a 100+ mile radius of Spokane, which includes Coeur d’Alene, Priest Lake, Hayden Lake, Spirit Lake, Liberty Lake, Deer Lake, Loon Lake, Lake Roosevelt and many more!

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New to renting a Pontoon? Here are Tips for picking the right one!

Not all pontoons are equal, and it can get confusing understanding the options out there. So we’ve made a quick list to hit the highlights of the features you will want to look for when renting a pontoon.

What’s the difference between a Pontoon and Tri-Toon?

Most people use pontoon / tri-toon interchangeably, but there is a substantial difference between a two-toon pontoon, and a three-toon pontoon which is called a tri-toon. The largest advantage comes from a performance standpoint. Not only does the added 3rd pontoon offer a considerable amount of extra buoyancy which allows for mores passengers and larger motors, it also provides an INCREDIBLE amount of stability on choppy lakes. The last added bonus is that the third / center pontoon also provides an incredible amount of in-floor storage for all your water sports gear, freeing up under seat locations for bags, towels, food, etc. 

When you are on a larger lake like Coeur d’Alene, Priest, or Pend Oreille that has a lot of chop, a tri-toon will ride higher in the water, sway less, and carve through large waves with none of the discomfort a standard pontoon will offer.  Everything just feels safer, and more stable, and that added flotation offers the ability to do water sports provided you have a large enough motor.

Some other rental companies call their boats “tri-toons” even though the center toon doesn’t run the full length of the boat. This greatly reduces overall performance. They also often try to skimp on features and don’t include the in floor storage option. All of Lake Escape’s rental Bennington and Aloha double decker water slide pontoons are FULL length tri-toons with in-floor storage.

Engine Size? What do I need?

Most rental companies under power their boats with 70hp, 90hp, and 115hp motors to save on cost, but to be able to tube, ski, and wakeboard you really need at least 150+ horsepower. That size motor will provide plenty of power for all your favorite water sports as well as give you the ability to cruise at a faster speed to get to where you need to go. If you are looking to cruise from the Coeur d’Alene Resort, to Shooter’s, and then to Harrison and back in a day, you just need more than a 115. Period. Nobody has ever said “I wish that boat had a smaller motor and went slower” for a reason. 

Anything smaller and the boat will always feel annoyingly bogged down. All of our rental Bennington and Aloha double decker water slide pontoons in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane area have at least a 150hp, or even 200hp+ outboards to ensure you have the best boating experience possible.

What is a Performance Pontoon?

A performance pontoon is a tri-toon that has superior speed and maneuverability. It is capable of speeds over 40mph with enough power to pull skiers and wakeboarders alike even when full of passengers, while also having the ability to turn sharply while pulling tubers.

This is accomplished by combining a number of performance enhancements such as three full length pontoons with lifting strakes (helps boat to plane faster), a larger 150hp+ motor, and hydraulic power steering. We are the only boat rental company in the Coeur d’Alene and Spokane area that has ALL of these features on ALL of our rental Bennington and Aloha double decker water slide pontoons / tri-toons.

They come as a double decker?? WITH a water slide???

Yes! You read that correctly. A few manufacturers do make a variety of pontoons with an upper deck, AND a water slide. My five kids will attest to it pretty much being a MUST have item on any pontoon.

Just like with everything else, there is a big difference in quality in how these boats are put together. Some cheaper models are only rated for 1 or 2 people at a time on the top deck. Some don’t even have a water pump for the slide. (Talk about THAT one being a rather unpleasant surprise on a really hot day.)

The only real tradeoff is that is it a heavier boat, so you need at least a 150hp if not 200hp motor to hit a good cruise / tubing speed. They do also sit TALL in the water, so you must make sure it will fit wherever you moor it. 

We are the only boat rental company on Lake Coeur d’Alene that carries PREMIUM rental Aloha double decker water slide pontoons. They have an extremely sturdy and safe top deck, as well as the biggest water slide in the industry with a huge water pump on it. Our Alohas also include an incredible amount of LED lighting throughout the interior and exterior, as well as a very impressive 14 speaker stereo with touchscreen controls.

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