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Covid 19 Information

We have been following information regarding C19 VERY closely. At this time we are planning on suplying awesome boat rentals and amazing customer service in the Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington regions just like we have for the past 12 years. But even stating that, there will always be a number of questions, and it’s our hope you can find most of your answers below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any other questions or concerns.

Q. I heard that Washington is doing this thing and Idaho is doing that thing??? What's up??
A. There is a lot of misinformation being spread around regarding restrictions on travel, use of lakes, etc. We strongly urge you to go straight to the source for your information. Washington and Idaho have different approaches to what will be phased in and when. You can’t draw conclusions off of how one state will behave, based on what the other is doing.

Here are a couple direct links if you’d like to view their respective plans. Again, at the time of this writing, we will be operating AS NORMAL this season, but we are also happy to answer any questions you have.

Idaho’s C19 Phase in Plan

Washington’s C19 Phase In Plan

Q. What safe guards are you putting into place to limit potential C19 spread between boat rentals?

A. In preparation for our 2021 season all of our boats and vehicles have undergone a deep detail with specialized “high heat” steam and pressure washers that reach over 240 degrees. We also already have had a process in place for years to throughly detail between every use with the same equipment, and will continue to do so with even more focus on heavily used areas. (Steerng wheels, stereo controls, cupholders, etc.)

We also will not be doing “same day” boat turn arounds. If a boat is out for even a couple hours on a rental it will get pulled out of the water for deep overnight cleaning. There will be no “quick dockside” turn around between parties. This will limit some boat avaialbility, but we feel that health and safety needs to be our upmost priority and this will allow for more thourough cleaning to occur.

General FAQ

Q. How does the Booking Process work?

A. Take a look at our boat selection to see which boat works best for you. Once you pick a boat, you can either book online through any of the “Book Now” links on our site, or give us a call / email us through the Contact page. You can choose your drop-off and pickup time at that point. Once we receive a deposit your dates are locked in, and  you will receive a confirmation email giving you important information about your rental. PLEASE read it!

(Please note that only Coeur d’Alene deliveries can be booked online, all other locations need to be booked by us due to the complexity of our delivery schedule.)

Q. What can I expect at the launch when I pick up the boat?

A. Please plan on showing up the the launch 10-20 minutes early (especially if it’s the Coeur d’Alene Resort) to get parked, gear unloaded, and your party organized. Then plan on about 10 – 20 minutes at the launch to do an orientation on boat operation / condition check. We have provided training videos on some of our boats that you can find on their respective pages on our site, as well as in your confirmation email. Reviewing those before showing up can save considerable time at the launch.

Make sure to have your driver’s license ready. You will need it to sign an electronic contract on a provided iPad. (This is the same contract you’ll receive in your confirmation email, so please review it thoroughly and ask any question beforehand.)

NOTE: The launch can be extremely chaotic as all of us boat rental companies scramble to get our boats in the water. To reduce how much time we are taking up limited dock space, we try to closely time our arrival with your boat to your start time. Please be patient with our drivers. They are doing the best they can to nail your appointment, but there are a lot of variables in play on busy weekends especially.

Q. How does the damage deposit / waiver work?

A. DAMAGE DEPOSIT: At the time of delivery we will authorize your credit card for a $1,500 damage deposit. If you return the boat in good order with all the equipment still intact, or you haven’t exceeded your Damage Waiver coverage, then the authorization is cancelled. There are no hidden fees. (This is assuming normal wear and tear. Sand on the carpet is different than smashed Dorito’s or gum.)

DAMAGE WAIVER: At time of booking you will be charged a daily Damage Waiver fee. This is meant to provide peace of mind to renters by covering smaller, more common accidents. This protects you from coming home to a surprise $800+ charge from hitting a dock while on vacation. This is the most common type of damage charge we see, especially on our Nautique Wake Surf boats.

HOW DOES IT WORK?: The first $1,500 of damages will be covered at no extra charge to the renter. This includes cosmetic damages to hull, interior, and prop. This does not cover lost, missing, or damaged equipment such as surf boards, wake boards, ropes, bumpers, etc. It also does not cover damages directly caused by PETS, SMOKING, VAPING, or FISHING. This does not replace the Damage Deposit requirement stated in the Rental Agreement. It more compliments it. If damages exceed $1,500 of Damage Waiver coverage, the damage deposit will then be charged the remaining balance.

In the unlikely event that repairs exceed $3,000 (combined Damage Waiver / Deposit total), renter is responsible to pay the remaining balance. We’ve only seen this a few times in our 12 years of operation. Most damages fall between $500 to $1,200 on average.

Q. What is your Pet, Smoking, Vaping policy?

A. We love animals! One of our best friends is a border collie, but unfortunately boats don’t feel the same way…. So Pets, as well as Smoking and Vaping are prohibited on all boats. No exceptions. Fishing is allowed on pontoons ONLY. No exceptions. Any damages caused by these items will be charged to the fullest extent possible.

If signs of pets being on board is present on boat at check in, or if our staff sees a pet onboard, a fee of $150 will be charged immediately, and a cleaning fee of $75 an hour will be charge for hair / dirt removal. (Average repair of a cigarette burn, or a claw puncture on one seat cushion alone is $700. We have this policy to protect renters from having their vacation spoiled.) Damage Waiver will NOT cover damages directly caused by PETS, SMOKING, VAPING, or FISHING.

Q. Can’t I skip the delivery fee and just tow the boat with my own vehicle?
A. Unfortunately, our current insurance policy requires us to do the physical delivery of the boat. (We know, we REALLY wish we could offer pickup service.)
Q. Speaking of insurance… Are you insured?

A. YES! (Though this is a confusing area that we get a lot of questions on, so we recommend you consulting your attorney and / or insurance broker to fully understand your risks.)

We do carry a commercial policy that specifically protects Lake Escapes LLC’s and its clients to a certain extent in the event of a major medical or loss of property incident in a rental environment. However, be aware that this isn’t like the infamous “rental car insurance” that covers all damage and abuse inflicted by a renter.

The renter will still be responsible for damages as laid out in our Damage Waiver / Rental Agreement. This policy offers a great safety net for worst case scenarios, but renters still must take proper care of the boat.

If you rent a boat from a private party, you will have NO protection. Commercial policies are extremely expensive, so it is a common tactic for smaller rental companies and private parties renting out their personal boats to save on overhead by not getting one. It’s extremely risky and ultimately puts the renter at excessive risk.

Q. What if the boat breaks down or has a warning alarm going off?
A. In the unlikely event that you do have mechanical issues, just give us a call immediately. Alarms on a boat usually mean something major is going on so don’t attempt to limp it back to shore as you could cause additional damage to the motor and will be responsible for the repair. Find another boater to tow you to a safe location or to cell service. We will get someone out to you as soon as we can.
Q. Do you offer tubes, skis, and wakeboards with your rental?

A. Yes! Tubes, surf boards, wake boards, skis (pontoons only), are all included FREE!

NOTE – We do not include tubes, boards, or skis with our jet ski rentals due to issues with ropes getting sucked up and damaging the impeller. 

Q. How does Gas usage work?
A. We deliver the boat to you with a full tank and you return it full or we charge the cost of the top off plus $50. For lakes without gas docks we can provide fuel cans for you at no extra charge.
Q. Why can’t I sometimes reserve a 1 day rental more than 7 days in advance for some boats?

A. In the past we’ve found that allowing too many single day reservations too far in advance during our peak season broke up the schedule too much, making it difficult for families who really want a boat for a solid 4-7 day block. So we now limit single day boat rentals during our peak season (June 20th – September 10th)  to 7 days prior. This is a general rule, sometimes the schedule does allow for it, especially in Couer D’Alene, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to see what’s open.

You also can sign up for our WAITLIST to “dibs” the boat, giving you automatic first priority if it’s not taken for a multi-day. 

Q. Why does the delivery fee seem so high?
A. Please keep in mind that if you are using the boat 2 hours away from Coeur d’Alene, that equals almost 200 miles round trip and we have to do that twice. Once for delivery, and again for pickup. Delivery fees cover fuel cost, employee time, and wear and tear on our vehicles. Instead of raising our rates across the board we’ve decided it’s more fair to charge based on distance. If you want to use it on Couer D’Alene delivery is free at the Resort launch since we store the boats near there all summer. Likewise, the closer you are to Couer D’Alene, the cheaper delivery will be. (IE – Hayden Lake will be cheaper delivery then Sandpoint or Spirit Lake.)
Q. Why do you have Minimum Rental Lengths on some lakes?

A. Similar to our delivery cost, it has to do with the logistics of of delivery and pickup. When there is a 4 hour round trip to drop a boat off it’s not cost or time effective to have our employees wait 8 hours at the boat launch, or drive back home just to turn around head back out in most instances. We have a very fluid schedule so they need to be free to address other boats. There will be exceptions to this though, so it never hurts to ask!

Q. What is your cancelation policy?

A. Renter is responsible for the ‘Total Rental Cost’ once the deposit is received regardless of whether they cancel or leave early without at least 45 days prior notice. Deposits are refunded, less a 3% handling charge if notice is received at least 45 days prior to reservation date, or if boat can be re-rented to another client for the cancelled reservation date. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will otherwise be offered.

Q. What happens if you are late or don't show up to the launch?

A. NO SHOW POLICY: Owner agrees boat will be available at agreed check-in time/place for the agreed upon number in party and Owner is not responsible for Renter’s inability to arrive or if Renter chooses to depart early for any reason, or if a member(s) of Renter’s party does not show up. NO REFUNDS OR REBATES will be offered under such circumstances.

LATE RETURN: Renter agrees to pay a late fee of $150 an hour in half hour increments to Owner for any returns that surpass the agreed upon return time. Super Air Nautique G25 will be charged at a rate of $300 an hour.

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