We at Lake Escapes get excited about the new boats we add to our fleet and we have some awesome boats to talk up this year. Let’s start with the boat that’s been nationally recognized as the wake sport boat of the year for consecutive years!

Say hello to the new Air Nautique G23 (Available in green, black, or bronze)

This 23’ Wake surf boat offers power and reliability with its 450HP 6.2 Liter v8 direct injected engine. 

Plus, you can enjoy all that power for wake surfing while sitting in any one of the 16 comfortable seats. (Heated seats for passenger and driver ;), all while someone enjoys surfing the perfect wave created by Nautique’s patented NSS Hydraulic Surf system. 

On top of that, there’s the Perfect Pass Cruise control for surfing and wakeboarding.

And the rear view camera…

And the cockpit heaters…


Well, the list goes on but this gives you some idea of just how wonderful this addition is to our fleet. Hop on over to each boat on our website for more specific details, including rental pricing and included amenities. 

Also, don’t forget that delivery to Coeur d’Alene is FREE! We’d love to help you out with your next boating vacation.

Pick which color boat you like: 

Green Air Nautique G23

Black Air Natique G23

Bronze Air Antique G23

Nautique.com (In case you’d like to geek out even more about this boat’s features!)

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