Everything’s about the need to social distance right now! The grocery store has arrows for which way you’re supposed to shop. Every checkout has plexiglass or stickers showing you just where six feet is from the person in front and behind you when you’re standing in line. Some places even require you to wait in your car until it’s time for your appointment. Ugh!

We’re glad to say, Boating is a natural way to social distance, and you don’t even have to change the way you approach your day out. 

For one, boats only hold so many people, so you’re not in danger of going over the gathering limit. 

Plus, at Lake Escapes, all our boats are cleaned between uses, so you don’t have to worry about who was touching the steering wheel last. (We have a whole post about our safety precautions due to covid here, in case you’re wondering about it.)

And of course, when you’re out on the water, you’re well over six feet from anyone on other boats, so you don’t have to wonder if you should be wearing a mask. 

So we encourage you to get out for a relaxing day on the water with a couple of people who make you happy. Bring a cooler with your favorite snacks and drinks, some sunscreen, maybe some music, and we’ll take care of the rest. Because when you’re out on the water, you shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like cleaning, masks, or social distancing. 

Here are a couple links for Washington and Idaho in case you’re wondering about the restrictions in each state right now.

Idaho’s C19 Phase in Plan

Washington’s C19 Phase In Plan

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