Getting away from the house and enjoying the sun right now can be a little stressful. We understand that and want to put your mind at ease if you’d like to rent a boat and spend some quality time on one of the local lakes. 

Here’s what Lake Escapes is doing amidst the Covid 19 stuff that’s happening. We’ve been following everything Covid 19 VERY closely and at this time we feel we can still provide amazing and clean boat rentals alongside great customer service in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington.

Since we supply rentals for two states, we’re watching both states knowing their responses to Covid 19 are different. For information on travel restrictions and use of lakes, we encourage you to go straight to the source depending on which state you’re looking at visiting. The links below should answer any questions you have. 

Idaho’s C19 Phase in Plan

Washington’s C19 Phase In Plan

Now, about the safe guards we’re using to limit potential Covid 19 spread between boat rentals:

In preparation for this season, all of our boats and vehicles have undergone a deep detail with specialized “high heat” steam and pressure washers that reach over 240 degrees. 

As for cleaning regularly, we always thoroughly detail each boat between rentals anyway. Now we are focusing even more on areas of the boats that are heavily used such as steering wheels, stereo controls, cupholders, and more.

To ensure we give ourselves enough time for a proper cleaning, we are also not doing “same day” turn arounds. It doesn’t matter if a boat is only out for a couple of hours, it will get pulled out of the water for deep overnight cleaning. This does limit some boat availability, but the health and safety of everyone is our upmost priority.

Again, at the time of this writing, we will be operating AS NORMAL this season, but we are also happy to answer any questions you have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Also, for more frequently asked questions, hop on over to our FAQ page here

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