Last week we highlighted the wonderful wakesurfing features on our Moomba Max and Moomba Craze boats. But these aren’t the only boats we have to offer. If, for some arbitrary reason you think the Moombas look funny, let’s consider the Air Nautiques.

Air Nautique G23 (New for 2019. We’ll talk about that next time 😉 ) and the Air Nautique G21

  • We talked about ballast last week and why it’s important for wakesurfing. (Check it out here if you’d like a refresh.) Our Moomba Max has 3000lbs of ballast. The Air Natiques have 2,850 lbs. Both have plenty for your surfing needs. The Air Natique gets fancy because its adjustable ballast is in the floor, which means you don’t give up ANY storage space!
  • Nautique’s patented NSS (The Nautique Surf System) Hydraulic Surf system has WAVEPLATE® technology that is integrated into the hull of the G23 and G21. It engages outward and down from the transom on both sides, at speed, to redirect the flow of water, which forms the perfect wave. This feature also incorporates adjustable settings that can shift the steepness and shape of your wave.
  • Perfect Pass Cruise Control. (Again, check our last post for a longer discourse on why this feature it so nifty and necessary!)
  • Both these boats are EXTREMELY smooth on choppy lakes.
As a reminder, with your rental we include high quality Obrien tubes, skis, vests, wake boards, and surf boards at no extra cost! Pick any lake in a 100+ mile radius of Spokane/ Coeur d’Alene and we’ll deliver for you. (Remember: Delivery to Lake Coeur d’Alene is FREE!)
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