It’s absolutely fantastic the technology new boats have to assist in the wakesurfing experience. And we happen to have a selection of wakesurf boats for you to choose from. I know we’ve been over our fleet before, so I’ll keep this brief and highlight the specifics that make a couple of our boats so ideal for wakesurfing.

Consider the Moomba Max 23’ (Red or Blue ;):

  • The Moomba boasts their NEW AutoWake, which is just as it says, it auto adjusts ballast on the fly so you can control things for an optimum surf wake.
  • Speaking of ballast, why is it so important? For wakesurfing, you need to displace A LOT of water to control the boat and create a great surfing wave. Anything under 2000lbs, in our humble opinion, just doesn’t do it. The Moomba max offers 3,000 lbs. All of which is adjustable so you can easily fill the front, and each side rear tank individually. This gives you total control depending on the size of your group and their weight in the boat.
  • Hydraulic Surf Tabs and Wake Plate. This allows for fine-tuning of wave shape and size. You can get a nice clean, smooth wave using the surf tabs, as well as control the height of the wave and which side of the boat it’s on. Think about your goofy footed friend. You can easily adjust for their ride too.
  • Perfect Pass is cruise control made for surfing and wakeboarding. As anyone who’s driven a boat for wakesurfing knows, the activity is extremely speed sensitive. Even .01 MPH difference can change a frothy mess, into a sharp, curving wave. Thus why automatic speed control is almost a MUST. (You’ll find this feature called Perfect Pass in most models.)
  • EXTREMELY smooth on choppy lakes. This might be last in our list but definitely not least. The handling of any boat can make or break your experience.

The Moomba 22’ Craze:

  • All of the Moomba Max’s list except this beauty has 2,500 lbs of adjustable ballast. Slightly smaller than the Max’s 3000lbs but still plenty to make your day a blast. (Pun intended ;).
If you’d like to know more about Moomba’s spiffy technology, hop on over here. As a reminder, with your rental we include high quality Obrien tubes, skis, vests, wake boards, and surf boards at no extra cost! Pick any lake in a 100+ mile radius of Spokane/ Coeur d’Alene and we’ll deliver for you. (Remember: Delivery to Lake Coeur d’Alene is FREE!)
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