Everyone at Lake Escapes Boat Rentals wishes you a Merry Holiday Season!

It’s beautiful out there with all the lights and there’re tones of things to do. We could go on and on about such activities but we’ll let you check it out for yourself if you’re interested. (Coeur d’Alene, Priest Lake)

For our part, whether you’re running away to somewhere tropical or enjoying the fresh snow, e’d like to raise a toast to you and yours during the Holidays.

May your dreams be filled with the wake of a fun running boat and the swish of water against the gunwale.

May you see the water running over your feet as you dangle them off the back of the boat, feel the rush as you ski across the rocking waves and thrill at the pull of a fish at the end of your line.

May your Christmas be a time to create treasured family memories and a time to start planning your next spring boating adventure.

May your New Years sparkle with lights and fresh dreams of watery vacation escapes.

We wish you a safe and joy filled holiday season! We hope to see you in the New Year, but until then, here’s a picture to get those dreams started =)

(Here are a few suggestions for that drink you’re using to toast with =) Raspberry Sparkler, Cranberry Cider, Watermelon Splash Cocktail, Hazelnut Hot Chocolate or German Coffee)

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