In our last post we highlighted the Centennial Trail. This week, we have another great place you might consider exploring, and since this amazing trail opens soon for the season, we thought we’d bring it to your attention. If you like hiking or biking, this might be just the treat you’re looking for. The Hiawatha trail has been called one of the most scenic stretches of railroad in the country!

The Hiawatha Trail

It will open on the May 22nd and will remain open until September 20th this year. The trail is a historic converted Milwaukee Road rail bed. Along its route, you can find beautiful mountain streams and gorgeous views of the Bitterroot Mountains. You might also get to see deer, elk, or moose. The Hiawatha is 15 miles that wind through 10 tunnels and over 7 trestles along the Idaho and Montana border. The best known part is the St. Paul or “Taft Tunnel” that travels 1.7 miles under the state line. And all of these views are easy to take in as the trail is downhill at a 2% grade. Once you reach the bottom, there’s a shuttle back to the top. Just a note, helmets and lights are required, as are trail tickets. You can find all these things at the Lookout Pass Ski area lodge. For more information, check out
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