We have some of the best boats for Wakesurfing that you’ll find in the area. (Check out the selection here). And we highly encourage you to get out and try wakesurfing if you haven’t already. But with the fun, we also would love for you to stay safe so your memories on the water are great, not terrible. (We never want that!)

So here are some simple things you can do to stay safe while you’re surfing Lake Coeur d’Alene.

  1. Know your boat. We encourage you to rent one of our boats specifically made for wakesurfing, but even if you don’t, please pick a boat with an inboard motor. This means the propellers are not exposed and the boat is safer for wakesurfers to surf behind.
  2. Boaters often put a flag up to signal when someone is in the water. This warns other boats not to get too close and to keep an eye out for people in the water.
  3. Along with that, try to pick a clear area before you begin. Scoop out the lake and choose a spot that doesn’t have other boats or swimmers.
  4. If you’re new to wakesurfing, start slow. You don’t have to reach 10 miles per hour until you’ve figured out your balance on the board.
  5. Simple fact, falling is part of surfing. If you’re not used to it, it’s tempting to preemptively jump into the water as you fall. Resist this temptation! Let yourself fall more gently as you may be in shallower water than you realize. Also, once you’re underwater, put your arm above your head just in case your board has floated above you. (As always, please wear your PFD too! We provide these with the boats.)
We’re almost to Spring! How about planning a wakesurfing outing soon to kick off your year?! Stay safe =)
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