It’s about now when the lake really starts calling. A couple of chilly months and no time on the boat can get to a person. Start missing the feeling of the waves and the thrill of the water skis.

But there might be a way to tide you over. Winter skiing. Now I know it’s not liquid water rolling beneath your feet…but it’s frozen water, and you still have boards on your feet.

And Coeur d’Alene’s not far from some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the Inland Northwest. It’s called Silver Mountain Resort.

  • First, of course, Silver Mountain has skiing.
  • Second, it’s got Silver Rapids, Idaho’s largest indoor waterpark. Now we’re really talking. If the frozen stuff doesn’t tide you over, the waterpark might do the trick instead.
  • And Third, Silver Mountain has a 3-mile gondola ride to the top. This might be the coolest part. You drive to the lodge, park your car, and voila! You ride a gondola to the top instead of dealing with snowy mountain roads or worrying about parking. You can enjoy the view and reach the top in style.

Then get your fill of skiing before taking the same gondola back down to the lodge where you can enjoy a beautiful room and a warm, delicious drink after a day on the frozen water.

Ahh, there’s that feeling. That delightful sensation of satisfaction where the fun of the day makes a warm glow of happy in your stomach =)

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