(Image from Silver Mountain’s website) …You can have it all. We like water, if you couldn’t have guessed. So it’s super exciting to tell you about Silver Mountain Resort in Kellogg, Idaho.

“Sounds like a ski resort,” you say.

And it is. That’s where the frozen water comes into play. And we’re serious about that word ‘play.’ You can ride the gondola for a gorgeous view of the Kellogg area or ski and board the slopes for a more personal view. Also, if you feel like riding on a tube down the mountain, that’s an option, too! But, if you’re not thrilled with the frozen kind of H2O, Silver Mountain also boasts a water park that stays at a lovely 84 degrees all year long. It’s called Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park. You can practice surfing and soak in a hot tube, all in the same visit. (I’m partial to the hot tube idea, personally.) So if you’re still looking for a way to enjoy the water while it chilly outside, here’s a great option for you. Check out Silver Mountain’s Deals, Packages, and Specials here. (Oh, did I mention they have gorgeous lodging at the Resort as well. Check it out!) Resort Contact Details: 610 Bunker Avenue Kellogg, Idaho 83837 | 866.344.2675
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