We like making things fun and simple, and if you’re looking for a deal on wake surf boat rentals, this is the thing for you. Every Wednesday right now, it’s 15% off all Wake Surf Boat Rentals!

This Includes:

Air Nautique G21

This 22′ Wake Surf boat offers a comfortable 14 seats, lots of storage, Perfect Pass cruise control and more!

Moomba MAX Surf/Wake (In Red or Blue)

This 23′ Wake Surf boat has the ability to auto adjust ballast on the fly, also boasts Perfect Pass, an extended swim platform and more!

Moomba 22′ CRAZ Surf/Wake

Just like the Air Nautique, this is a 22′ Wake Surf boat. It offers Perfect Pass, an extended swim platform, adjustable ballast and so much more!

Delivery and other details:

Being avid surfers ourselves, we make sure all of our Surf Boats are FULLY equipped. They have plenty of ballast, surf tabs, wake plate, cruise control, and quality surf boards. The seating ranges from 13 to 17 passengers depending on your needs. With your rental we also include high quality Obrien tubes, skis, vests, wake boards, and surf boards at no extra cost! You can pick any lake in a 100+ mile radius of Spokane/ Couer d’Alene, so be sure to check out your options.
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