Guess we’re on a bike ride kick! A couple of weeks about we posted about the CDA FONDO. This time we have something a little more ambitious with a long bike tour!

If you’ve stopped by with any regularity, you know we frequently rave about how beautiful the Inland Northwest is. We often nudge you toward boating, because, well, you know, we rent boats and we encourage you to share in the activity with us. But there are other great ways to take in the scenery. You might also know we love to highlight just about any activity where you can enjoy said beauty. Well, this next activity is a doozie! It’s not boating, but you can enjoy the gorgeous Inland Northwest for a whole six days and get your bike out and dusted off in the process. 


This is an annual Rotarian-supported, bicycle tour that covers 370 miles or 595 kilometers in six days. You read that right. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the International Selkirk Loop because it travels through Washington, Canada, and Idaho around the Selkirk Mountains. (We posted about the Loop here.)

Thus why this bike tour is named WaCanId. (Washington/Canada/Idaho)

While participating, you can catch a lift on the world’s longest free ferry, gape at the majestic mountains, and pedal along beautiful lakes. As the ride’s website says, “There will be a few climbs to challenge you, but it will be the scenery that will take your breath away.”

Just a heads up, this ride does cross into Canada and then back into the United States, which means you’ll need a valid passport and vaccinations that follow both countries guidelines. 

For more details about this ride, including how to sign up, hop on over to

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