It’s that time of year for a camping trip to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend some time away! And what better way to camp than at an area only accessible by boating or hiking? Let me introduce to you Upper Priest Lake…and its camping opportunities.

There’s fewer people, time on the water, lovely sights…I could go on =)

Upper Priest Lake happens to be the perfect combination of all of the above and you have several options to choose from. Here’s the run down:

Geisingers Campground:

This one offers two campsites at the mouth of Upper Priest Lake where it empties into the Thorofare, right on the east shore. Just a heads up, during the summer, it apparently has heavy close-in boat traffic, so plan accordingly.

Plowboy Campground:

Plowboy has four campsites on the southwest shore of the lake.

Trapper Creek Campground:

If the others are full, Trapper Creek has five more campsites on the northeast shore for you to choose from.

And if that’s not enough you have:

Navigation Campground:

With four campsites on the northwest shore.

Bottle Bay Campground:

This campground is located on Bottle Bay on Priest Lake but shares is similar to the Upper Priest Lake campgrounds. With seven campsites, you have several options here. It’s located on the northwestern shore of Priest Lake, about 2-1/2 miles from the northern end of the lake. (Might require some hiking.)

Just a heads up

None of these campgrounds have drinking water available, so make sure to either bring your own water or bring a way to purify water. However, they do have vault toilets and fire rings. Just be sure to clean the place up for the next person.

Here’s the good stuff, these all have beach area and are fee free on a first-come-first-served basis. So get out there and enjoy while the beautiful weather lasts!

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