Just to rev the engines a little more for the Spokane Boat Show happening right now (it goes until the 6th, by the way) let’s take a look at some of the Brands on display!

Cobalt Boats

As their website says, “Our Cobalt family believes we have a unique opportunity to enrich life…our aspiration is to design and build the very best boats.” And their beautifully designed boats speak to their dedication to this standard.

We’re talking 100% hand-laid hulls with Kevlar reinforcement and aluminum and stainless interior construction instead of plastic because they care about the durability and life of all their boats. Awesome.

Tracker Boats

Let’s take a look at fishing boats. These are all welded aluminum boats with no rivets for durability and then, because we care about their beauty, they put on a multi-layer powder-coat finish that keeps its color up to 20 times longer than traditional liquid paint. Again, awesome!

Yamaha Boats

These boats boast 50 years of innovation and refinement. We’re talking jet propulsion that equals speed and maneuverability in a lighter weight boat. For 2015 they introduced a new, articulated keel that adds stability and an immediate response from the steering. Again and again, awesome.

Theses are only a few of the Brands on display this week at the boat show! Let’s go drool over the awesomeness!

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