It’s a challenge to find a place to highlight in Coeur d’Alene for a delicious meal. Not because there are so few places but because there are so many to choose from! So Shooters Bar and Grill won this week’s post by simple deduction of location because it’s right next to the dock in Rockford Bay.

We like boats, this place is situated right next to them. Win, win and good marketing on their part. (At least from our perspective). =)

Now on to the food and people. The menu’s got something for just about anyone in the family. Whether you’re looking for fish, nachos, a hamburger or a steak, Shooters has something to fulfill your appetite’s desire and according to the TripAdvisor reviews, the food exceeds the expectations of your typical bar and grill. For a day on the boat and a dinner out, I’m sold.

The wait staff received even better reviews than the food. For a place that sounds fairly popular (i.e. busy) this one takes the cake. The wait staff make the difference and Shooters staff is “fast, efficient and friendly.”

So if you’re out on Lake Coeur d’Alene and want a family friendly burger, this might be just the ticket

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