As a local business, we at Lake Escapes of course like to encourage the support of other local businesses. And since we’ve been talking about Harrison ID of late, let’s check out a fantastic local wine shop.

Sheppard Fruit Wines.

This is a specialty place that makes all of their wines out of locally sourced fruit. When you frequent Sheppard’s, you’re not only supporting a wine shop, you’re vicariously helping out the local fruit growers. What a neat thought!

So, if you’re looking for a great gift or a new type of wine to try out, consider perhaps their pear wine or their elderberry wine. Or you can try the cranberry or raspberry wine. I mean, go wild, these are flavors you won’t find commonly sitting beside your merlots or cabernets in the grocery store.

Actually, in looking at their website, they’ve now made it into places like Total Wine and Rosauers and can even be ordered online through However, there’s nothing like getting a specialty item from the source, so we encourage you to stop in and meet the Sheppards.

You can find Sheppard Fruit Wines at 102 N. Coeur d’Alene Ave, (Hwy 97) in Harrison, ID. And you can check out their backstory and everything else on their website by clicking here. (Please drink responcibly and have a wonderful time).

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