If you haven’t noticed already, we at Lakes Escapes like to keep things simple and enjoy life as much as possible. Although it’s uber chilly on the water right now, we’re not letting that get us down as we take this opportunity to raise a glass in a toast to you, our favorite people. We’d love to wish you an amazing Holiday Season.

So let’s raise a glass

To an amazing 2018 boating season filled with the laughter of friends new and old

To the special people, traditions, and aromas that surround us now


To the customers of Lake Escapes who make this whole business worth its time

Thank you for a wonderful 2018

We hope to cater to many more boating memories for you in the future

Below we’ve attached links to some delicious drinks we’ve posted in the past. Perhaps you’ll find something to suite your fancy during your celebrations or if you have a favorite, we’d love to hear about it and add it to this list! Cranberry Cider White Hot Chocolate Maple Chai Cinnamon Coffee German Coffee Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Personally, the Hazelnut Hot Chocolate sounds the best to me. So here’s to a glass to an amazing Holiday Season!
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