We’ve hit that lull between the holidays and spring. So it’s the perfect time to plan ahead for some great adventures. We, of course, encourage you to plan a trip out onto one of the many fantastic lakes around the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene areas, but if you’re feeling like something a little more guided, where you can let someone else lead the day and you can still experience the beauty of the Inland Northwest, then allow me to suggest another water activity to consider.

Whitewater rafting with Wiley E. Waters

Wiley E. Waters has been in business since 1994. They know the area and can provide an amazing day on the river. They also offer several locations to choose from.

Clark Fork Trips:

If you’re looking for a longer day on the water and several rapids to splash and scream through, this is the option to look at. Although all Wiley E. Water’s tours are beginner to intermediate on this trip, you still get to experience a fair amount of white water. 

Spokane Trips:

Wiley E. Waters takes groups down the Lower Spokane River for this adventure. It’s a beginner to intermediate trip, so rest assured, if you’ve never gone whitewater rafting before, this trip is a perfect place to start. Or, if you’re looking for an adult only trip, they also offer a wine and dine option. You can enjoy floating past the River Front Park and experience some rapids!

Grande Ronde Trips:

This is a mellow, half day tour through SE Washington canyons. It’s beautiful. If you’re looking for lunch and scenery, check this tour out. 

So, while you’re looking outside at the cold weather right now, perhaps take the opportunity to plan ahead for warmer weather. Whitewater rafting is only one of many great ways to experience the Inland Northwest, but it sure does make for a fun, memorable trip. 

(If you take our suggestion and check out Wiley E. Waters, please be aware that some of their tours run April to June and some run later in the season. Plan accordingly and be safe while you have fun out there!)

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