Last year we added the beautiful Chaparral and the lovely Bennington Tri-toon to our fleet. This year, we’re thrilled to add the Moomba Mondo Surf/Wake! (Not to corner the market, but this is the only true surf boat in the area available for rent.)

If you’re interested in all the juicy details, here’s the link to our info and here’s the manufacturer’s site. But for a quick rundown, this Mondo is set up for the perfect surfing and wake boarding experience. It’s outfitted with 1,300 pounds of adjustable ballast coupled with Moomba’s patented Flow Surf wake tabs. That means you can dial in your wake!

On the luxury side of things, the Mondo has large interior seats that fit 13 adults comfortably, built in heaters (this might be the most exciting thing for me, sadly =)) an extended swim platform… Check out the site, the details go on.

And to make sure your experience it top notch, we’re offering private lessons with professional wakeboard / surf instructors*. The instructors can help setup everything on the boat for that perfect wake as well as teach you proper form and technique.

Doesn’t matter what lake you’d like to learn on, Priest Lake, Lake Coeur D’Alene, Lake Roosevelt, or any other lake, we’ll deliver the boat and set up the instructor for you. (Added plus, if you want delivery to Lake Coeur D’Alene, delivery’s free!)

*Private lessons for an additional hourly fee. Sorry, gotta pay people.

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