Are you looking for more marathons?

We warned you we were on a marathon kick, right? Our last couple of posts covered the CDA Marathon and the CDA Ironman, but these by no means are the only races in the area. For today’s post, we thought we’d range a little farther afield and highlight a couple of races in Spokane Washington, our neighboring city just across the border. Who doesn’t like more marathons, ey? 

The Split

This is a half marathon happening on April 16th this year that offers both a 10K and a 5K option. The course runs through the Riverfront Park, which gives fantastic views of the Spokane river. That wins a plus in our water-loving book! Find out more details here.


This almost seven and a half mile race might be one of Spokane’s best known marathons! It draws anywhere from 38K people to over 60K people and includes two days of tradeshows—Friday and Saturday—and the race on Sunday. It’s happening on May 7 for 2023 and also follows a course near River Front Park. Another race that has great river views! (That’s not why we picked it, promise!). For more details, click here.

These are just two of the marathons to pick from in the area. If you’re looking for even more marathons, we haven’t even touched on the Windermere, the Shamrock Shuffle, or the Stache Dash.  

If running’s your jam, come enjoy the Inland Northwest and explore all it has to offer. There’s no shortage of races!

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