Now that we’ve introduced all the 2017 boats that were new to the Lake Escapes fleet last year, we can introduce a new boat for 2018. The Moomba Max Wake/Surf boat will arrive for the 2018 boating season!

Meet the new Moomba MAX!

We love our surf/wake fleet and Moomba offers such great quality that we couldn’t help but add the MAX to our options. This boat is currently being built to our custom specifications, so we promise it’s going to be a beauty! We’re looking at a 23’ Wake Surf Boat with a 400 HP 6.2 v8 engine. Umm, yes. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!? Also, the Moomba adds AutoWake in 2018, which means you can auto adjust ballast for a perfect surf wake. Add this to the Hydraulic Surf Tabs and Wake Plate and you can fine tune wave shape and size. This boat is well equipped for your day of surfing! Check out more details (don’t drool too much) on the MAX’s page here. Or check out more about Moomba’s boats at their site here.
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