(Photo of the scenic Wild Horse Trail Byway from visitnorthidaho.com)

We decided since we highlighted Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille, and then recommended Farragut State park, that we’d keep the Sandpoint activities theme going. If camping and hiking aren’t your cup of tea, but you still love seeing the amazing outdoors, check out a scenic drive! It’s called The Wild Horse Trail Scenic Byway.

About The Wild Horse Trail Scenic Byway!

This 59.2 mile drive is part of the International Selkirk Loop. It starts on the northwestern shores of Lake Pend Oreille—in Sandpoint—and heads north along the Selkirk Mountains. This is a historic path from the Kootenai Tribe’s trail to their fishing grounds at Lake Pend Oreille. 

In 1863, it became more than that when gold was discovered in “Wild Horse Creek,” which is 120 miles north of Bonners Ferry in British Columbia. The gold rush ended in 1880 but with the Northern Pacific railroad, the old route became a main freight line.

Part of what makes this such a beautiful drive is that, just south of Bonners Ferry, a gorgeous glacial valley comes into view. With rich soil deposits left behind from the glaciers, the valley is a fertile land which supports a wide variety of greenery throughout the Kootenai Valley.

(As a side note, this drive usually takes about 1.5 hours, so plan accordingly. Bring water and food, maybe take a picnic, and fill up on gas before you leave.)

For more information, hop on over to the visitidaho.org.

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