Happy New Year to everyone from Lake Escapes Boat Rentals. CDA is sooo majestic this time of year and we love finding ways to get outside and enjoy the views. We mentioned ice skating in a post last month. That’s open through the 29th of January in McEuen Park, which is a great location for enjoying the CDA winter. But if you’re wanting to get out and soak in the majestic views without the physical activity, may we suggest a Scenic Hot Cocoa cruise? 

Hot Cocoa Scenic Cruises

Location: The cruises leave from the Floating Boardwalk to the east of the Coeur d’Alene Resort. 

They happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through March and are 90-minutes of scenic enjoyment. They include an on board hot cocoa bar including original hot cocoa for kids and spiked cocoa for adults. 

I highly encourage you to check out their menu. The options look delicious! Just to give you an idea, they have peppermint pattie and butterfinger listed as a couple of the choices.

Cost: $12.50-$17.50 for the cruise. $2.75-$13.50 depending on the chocolate beverage you’d like to imbibe. 

For tickets and other details, hop on over to the CDA Cruises website

We wish you a lovely cruising day and an amazing 2023. Let’s start the year off with beautiful memories of Lake Coeur d’Alene. 

(Also, we posted about Lake Cruises back in December as well. Two of them are over now that the holidays are done, but you can still catch the Eagle Watching cruise until the end of January. You can see our post about it here.)

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