Last week we looked at perhaps the best-known lake in the area, Lake Coeur d’Alene. So this week, we’re heading slightly north to highlight a less known lake that offers a quieter but just as beautiful vacation location, Hayden Lake.

Hayden Lake, of course, sits near the small town of Hayden. It offers three boat ramps, Honeysuckle beach, Sportsmen’s Park, and Tobler’s Marina. At Sportsman’s Park on the north end, there are campsites and handicapped facilities.

If you’re looking for camping, this might be just the place for you to enjoy some boating and outdoor fresh air.

Hayden Lake is also a well-known spot for fishing. Kokanee fishing is especially popular although pike, bass and trout can also be found in the lake.

So, whether you’re looking for resort style vacation or tents and fire cooked fish, the lakes we deliver to have you covered. Personally, I love the camping option. It’s quite, beautiful, and away from the daily rush. Pardon me while I dream of my next getaway.

Oh, and if you have any personal experiences with these lakes, we’d love to hear your story in the comments. Tell us what you’d recommend for the other boat enthusiasts out there!

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