So last week we looked at hot drinks to make the Fall season warm and delightful while still boating. This week, we’re going to have one more tasty fruit idea before we call it good on the Summer season. Couldn’t help myself. These looked too tasty, and perfect, not to share.

  1. Find yourself some Popsicle molds. (I hear Bed, Bath and Beyond has some that work perfectly for this.)
  1. Cut up whatever fruit you’d like to have in your fruit pop. Personally, I’d go for strawberries, kiwis and maybe bananas, although I’m not sure how soggy the bananas will turn out after freezing.
  1. Put the cut fruit into your Popsicle molds and then pour either coconut water or coconut milk into the mold.
  1. Freeze the molds until everything’s solid.

Voila! You have Fruit Pops to throw in the cooler.

I found this nifty idea on a blog titled The Nerd’s Wife. Looks like she’s got all sorts of food articles, so hop over if you have a chance and check it out.

Enjoy =)

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