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We’ve been on a trails kick for awhile because, if you’re not feeling like hanging out on a boat, the Inland Northwest has so much outdoor amazingness to offer elsewhere too. We brought to your attention how to explore CDA with the Mudgy and Millie book and how to travel from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene along the Centennial Trail. This week, we’d like to focus on the mountain bikers out there.

Check out Silver Mountain’s Bike Park

This bike park has been voted #1 in the Northwest four years running, probably because it offers a wide variety of trails for everyone and lets you see the amazing mountains in Idaho. You take North America’s longest gondola—this about a 20-minute ride, so if you like, grab a beer before heading up—for quick and easy access to the lift served bike trails.

There are almost 40 single track trails to choose from and most of them are gravity oriented to ensure you’ll find one to fit your riding style. So whether you’re trying mountain biking for the first time or you’re trying to perfect your whips, Silver Mountain offers the trails and elevation to make for a great ride.

Add on top of that, if you get the Ride and Dine tickets, they include your lift ticket along with a great mountain top BBQ dinner and live music. Below are some of the stats for the mountain, but if you’re looking for more details beyond these, hope on over to Silver Mountain’s website.

Park Stats


  • Top of Gondola: 5,700′
  • Bottom of Gondola: 2,300′
  • Bottom of Chair 3: 4,900′


  • Top to Bottom Bike Park: 3,400′

Gondola Length: 3.1 miles (one way)

Number of Trails by Difficulty

  • Easiest: 7
  • Difficult: 12
  • More Difficult: 17
  • Expert: 3


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