It’s that time of year again. We’ve made it through the craziness of the holidays and the days are slowly getting longer but the cold weather is still hanging on like a monster from the great north. This does not, however, keep us from dreaming of warm sunrays and the water softly lapping against the side of the boat while we enjoy a ham sandwich we packed for the day. Or keep us from dreaming of water spraying in our faces as we laugh and wake surf across the glistening waves. (We have some great boats for either of these dreams, but for wake surfing in particular, check out our Moomba boats and our Super Air Nautique Boats!) We highly encourage such dreams as the above. It’s good for the health. And you know what else is good for your health? Planning a vacation now to make those dreams come true! We’d like to make those plans just a little sweeter too.

It’s called our EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!

If you book now, you get 10% off all 2019 boat rentals. How cool is that!? Here’s the number to make things simple: 1-855-208-2628
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