Although we’d love to think you’re headed here on vacation just to rent a boat from Lake Escapes Boat Rentals, we’ll be honest with ourselves and admit that might not be the only thing you want to do while visiting the Spokane area. (Pardon me while I shed a tear and blow my nose.)

The Inland Northwest is a gorgeous place and, admittedly, not all of it can be seen from the deck of a boat.

But how do you decide, or even know, what’s out there for you to do? I mean, the area offers a plethora of activities for any outdoor enthusiast. We’re talking biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, canoeing… and so much more.

With just a quick look you’ll find the 2015 fishing season promises to be almost as amazing as last year’s banner return.

And, due to defunct railroads, the area’s riddled with great, undeveloped spots to bike through.

Or, there are lakes galore to choose from where you can canoe or kayak and some, like Priest, you can paddle from one lake to another (Lower to Upper Priest by way of the 3 mile Thorofare.)

So how do you find all these opportunities?

To aid in your planning, may I suggest checking out the Spokesman Review? They’ve got this great section titled Outdoors. It covers everything from fishing, to hunting, to biking, to camping, to…well, just about everything.

Last year they even put out a great article titled Summer outdoor bucket list: must-dos in the Inland Northwest. Check it out. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking for ideas and details.

Have a great time exploring the Inland Northwest. We sure love the area and hope you do as well. (And if boating is an essential part of your vacation, like it is for us, we’d love to take care of the details for you. Just let us know.)

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