This last week’s been absolutely beautiful! The perfect weather for boating with lots of sun and blue sky.

On such warm days, a delicious, chilled snack on the boat makes the day’s outing the perfect mix of sun and relaxation.

Here’re some suggested boat snacks for you.

Frozen Grapes – Might sound strange, but if you freeze grapes the night before, they offer a wonderful chilled delight as a snack while out boating. Just pop one in and it’s like a cool burst of flavor. (Of course, this works well for just about any berry.)

Melon – If you’re up for a bit more prep before heading out, cutting up melon is also a great way to take a snack on the boat. We suggest the prep simply because then you don’t have the rind to worry about or a knife on a rocking boat. Frozen or simply chilled, melon’s scrumptious when you’re enjoying a hot day on the water.

Apple or Orange Slices – Again, there’s a little prep but these fruits are the most common and so easy to add to whatever meal you want while boating. Plus, they add a wonderful burst of energy for that water skiing adventure.

You might notice these are all fruits. Here’s the secret, they’re all high in water content, which, while you’re out in the sun enjoying your love of boating, you need. But not all your water needs to come from a water bottle. Eating lots of fruit out there helps just as well and gives you both energy and a delight for the taste buds. =)

What snacks do you find best for boating? We’d love to share them.

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