I’ve a confession to make. Christmas music before Thanksgiving drives me a bit crazy. I don’t know about Shane or the others at Lake Escapes. They may have the holiday jingles playing as soon as Halloween’s over and they’re starting to winterize the boats. (Raise you hand if you know anybody like that.)

But now that Thanksgiving’s filled out bellies and December’s frosting the ground, now Christmas music’s the spirit of the season!

It’s the time for the Nutcracker and hot chocolate. This is definitely the time, if you’re into musicals, to find special productions.

I found one in Coeur d’Alene I thought I’d share because you get a nice mixture of the classic’s for Christmas.

Traditions of Christmas. According to the Coeur D’Alene web site this is “A musical journey of all the greatest Christmas songs and traditions from around the world.” It includes dancing elves, gingerbread dancers, toy soldiers and magical toys as well as “White Christmas,” “Joy to the World” and many others that you can sing along with.

The production even has a nod to the military that might bring a tear to your eyes. It’s produced by Laura Little Theatricals at the Kroc Center in Coeur d’Alene.  So if you’re interested, hop on over to the web site and find all the details.

Now, let’s take a vote, who’s okay with Christmas music before Thanksgiving and who’s not?

Cheers =)

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