Last week a friend from the Water Ways Planet invited you, a citizen of Planet Dry Land, to a day aboard his boat.

What fun! Apparently you held your own with the boating lingo, because said friend invited you back, but this time, he’d like your help with running the boat, specifically with tying boating knots.

Oh no! You held your own with Bow and Stern and you even knew what he meant when he mentioned he needed to use the Head, but knowing what the words mean is a completely different matter than being able to tie knots.

A simple glossary won’t get you through if you’re to uphold the good name of Planet Dry Land.

What if he asks you to tie an Anchor Hitch? Obviously it’s used to anchor the boat but how does it work?

And what about a Cleat Hitch, or a Bowline or even an Alpine Butterfly? Half of these sound like upland creatures. A Monarch Butterfly comes to mind. Its got wings and pretty colors, not bends in a rope.

But you’re determined to hold you own. Whatever a Water Ways Planet person can do, so can you. And that includes tying boating knots…even when they have funny names.

So here’s a nifty little site that not only defines the knot and what it’s used for, but shows you how to tie it. Now that’s useful.

You determine your next adventure will be taking your Water Ways Planet friend rock climbing. He likes heights and knots, right?

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