We at Lake Escapes know, a vacation’s supposed to be worry free. That’s why we aim for Fun Simplified! The less you have to worry about, the better.

So, on top of keeping the boats in outstanding mechanical condition and impeccably clean, we make sure the boats are of excellent quality to begin with. A friend of mine used to say, “you can’t polish a turd.” In other words, we know, if the quality’s not there to begin with, the boat’s not going to handle the way we’d all like and that’s just not as fun as it should be.

With that in mind, we added the Bennington 2375 GCW Sport Arch Tri-Toon to our fleet. We introduced you to this beauty last year and highlighted the speed and smooth ride, the comfort and quiet.


Photo from Bennington.com

For some, that’s all you need or want to know. You want comfort, the Bennington’s got it and you’re ready to go. For others, you like to know the specs. You want to know that Bennington uses deeper 3” cross channels to provide more vertical strength and that their bow decks and corner channels are reinforced with heavy-gauge anodized bow trim to lesson possible damage. (Us gear nerds drool over these kinds of facts.)

Bennington’s a brand that strives for excellence and it shows. They’ve been a winner of the NMMA’s CSI award since their inception. That’s 13 years in a row! So we know, when we’re looking for quality, Bennington’s a brand to trust.

You want more specs, drop by their site here and feel free to drool. Just maybe have a towel ready so you don’t make a mess.

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