Our last couple posts have highlighted some of the boats we haven’t talked about before such as the Yamaha 21’ AR210 and the Alumacract 19’ fishing boat. However, did you know we rent jet skis as well? That’s right. We offer everything from half day to full week rentals! But what kind of jet skis do we rent? I’m glad you asked. We didn’t go with the base model on our rentals. Instead we went with the Yamaha VX Cruiser.

Here are some of the features on this jet ski:

It has a powerful 4-stroke TR-1 high output Yamaha marine engine that works beautifully with the patented RIDE system, which allows for amazing braking and slow speed maneuvering. With these two features alone, this jet ski handles like a charm. But then, there’s also the comfort features like the contoured seats that fit up to three passengers and the large re-boarding step that makes climbing out of the water hassle free. Plus, there’s a water tight storage box for bringing your phone, lunch, or whatever you’d like to keep dry, and dual cup holders in the glovebox for that ever important coffee…or whatever drink you prefer. Just like with our boats, we offer FREE delivery to Lake Coeur d’Alene. So how about it? Want to try some jet skis? For more on these skis from Yamaha, hop on over to their website. Or, on our own site, you can check out pictures and more here.
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