Fun fact, most Americans live under an hour from a navigable body of water. Say what? It’s surprising there aren’t more people out there!

If you’re trying to convince your friends to head out to the water this weekend, here are some great reasons to throw their way.

Bonding Time: According to a study done by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association, 40% of all households say relaxing with family and friends is their favorite boating activity. Plus, it’s far more engaging than watching TV. So get out there and find out what boating activity is your friend’s favorite.

Recreational Boating Reduces Stress: Getting out on a boat allows you to leave the hassles of job and home repair behind while also enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset and hanging out with friends and family. Breathe in that fresh air and enjoy the sun while the summer’s still hot.

Great Exercise: Whether you’re sailing or waterskiing, wakeboarding or knee boarding, boating provides a plethora of choices to strengthen those muscles while laughing with friends.

In our humble opinion, boating’s great for your friendships and your health. We highly encourage you to get out and have some fun =)

Massachusetts Marine Trades Association

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