(Image from Silverwood’s Event Page for the American Heroes Weekend) If you can’t guess from the title, the American Heroes Weekend is a thank you from the Silverwood Theme Park to all military personnel, veterans, police officers and firefighters.

When: May 26th, 27thand 28th

Details for the American Heroes Weekend:

With identification, all military personnel, veterans, police officers and firefighters receive free admission to the park. Also, immediate family members (that includes spouse and children) will receive a discounted rate. Ages 3-7 $19.00 Ages 8-64 $24.00 Age 65+ $19.00 (When purchasing tickets at the front gate) What a great way to say thank you to these people who work so hard to make our lives safer! On a side note, and because we love water, the Theme Park admission also grants you access to Silverwood’s Boulder Beach Water Park when it’s open. So this weekend may also offer a fun day at the water park as well! For more information about this weekend, call (208) 683-3400. Silverwood Events Page Silverwood Theme Park is located at: 27843 N. Hwy 95, Athol, ID 83801  
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