This February 1st-9th, Spokane is hosting it’s annual boat show! After the cold of December, this is a great way to pass scratch the boating itch before the seasons warm up!

Here are the details for the 2019 Spokane Boat Show. (We’ll cover Events in our next post 😉

Where’s the Show:

Spokane County Fair and Expo Center at 404 N Havana Street in Spokane Valley.


As stated above, this February 1st-9th, 2019. The hours are as follows:

Fri, Feb. 1  12pm–8pm

Sat, Feb. 2  10am–8pm

Sun, Feb. 3  10am–4pm

Mon, Feb. 4  12pm–8pm

Tue, Feb. 5  12pm–8pm

Wed, Feb. 6  12pm–8pm

Thu, Feb. 7  12pm–8pm

Fri, Feb. 8  12pm–8pm

Sat, Feb. 9  10am–8pm


A Boat Show, of course, but more specifically, you can check out every brand from Cobalt, Bass Tracker, Malibu to Sweetwater, Hurricane and dozens more. No matter if you interested in speedboats or pontoons or fishing, there’ll be something to see. Plus, you can also check out local boating companies because these brands will be presented by Tobler Marina, NW Boat and RVNorthwest Marine and Sport, and several more. You can peruse more of the companies by hopping over here

Personally, I’m going to take a close look for awhile. We’ll see you next time to tell you about the events hosted by the Boat Show. Until them, happy dreaming about water and fishing.

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