Welcome to 2016! We hope you’re New Years celebration was full of laughter and fun.

Just an update on the Inland Northwest, we’ve got a lot of this stuff at the moment. Brrrr!



Which means, come springtime, we’re going to have a lot of this. Yay!!!!



So our New Years dreams consist of sitting back on one of these.

Ebbtide 23' - Sport Cuddy Int-3

And getting some exercise while making fools of ourselves…or maybe showing off if you’re good at water skiing, like this.



And maybe adding a little of this for variety.

SUPS Misc-4

Awe! The shenanigans and craziness to look forward to. What kind of fun are you dreaming up in 2016? We hope it’s got some, or all, of the above! Because maybe then we’ll see you out there and make new memories. We love getting to share on Facebook and spreading the joy around =)

Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the warm weather to turn all the white stuff into boating fun stuff.


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